Questions & Answers

Q. When should I take my Herbs?
A. Most Herbs may be taken with or after meals.

Q. How long will it take for the Herbs to work?
A. Everybody is different, some clients notice changes within the first week, depending on which Herbs they are taking, others report positive changes in 3-6 weeks and some people may take longer. We recommend taking the Herbs for at least 3 months, as they do have cumulative effects.

Q. What changes can I expect from taking the Herbs?
A. To give you an example, taking tonic Herbs (known as Rasayanas in Ayurvedic medicine) will help with the specific problem and will also increase energy, restore balance to the body, improve skin, hair, nails and promote better sleep.

Q. Do these Herbs have side effects?
A. In Ayurveda, Rasayanas (Tonic Herbs) have been used for over 3000 years without any reported side effects. Herbs should be taken in moderation. However, in certain cases where the Herbs are starting their work throughout the body the person may feel some minor adjustments … This is a good sign.

Q. Will taking the Herbs affect my sleep?
A. In actual fact your sleeping will improve, this is a natural process as the Herbs bring balance back to the whole body.

Q. How long should I take the Herbs for?
A. For maximum benefit the Herbs should be taken long term. Over longer periods of time the Herbs can do wonders for the body. As earlier recommended we suggest taking Herbs for at least 3 months.   Remember compliance is an important factor; you need to take the Herbs consistently for them to work.

Q. Is it wise to take Herbs with Vitamins/Minerals and Medication?
A. There is no problem using Rasayanas (Tonic Herbs) along with other Herbs, minerals and vitamins. If you are taking medication, and wish to take tonic Herbs you can ask your Doctor, who may inform you of any drug interactions. In Asia Herbs are often prescribed with some medications to prevent side effects.


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